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Alagna Valsesia is a small mountain town located in the province of Vercelli, in the region of Piedmont; situated in the vicinity of Monte Rosa, one of the highest Italian mountains, Alagna Valsesia is known throughout all of Europe for being a Mecca for skiing enthusiasts, even those interested in off-piste skiing. Moreover, the towns ski resort offers tourists the possibility of climbing frozen waterfalls and of taking part in several extreme water sports like rafting, canyoning and hydrospeeding. You can also experience the thrill of a session of heliskiing, where a helicopter pulls up the skier, allowing him or her to reach spots where no ski runs could be built. Of course, tourists will surely enjoy a trip to Alagna Valsesia even in the summer; during this season, its possible to participate in several excursions into the mountains that surround the town. Some of the excursions may last several days and some of them may even be done on a mountain bike. If you reserve a bit beforehand, you may even be able to participate in an excursion to explore Monte Rosa. If youre looking to enjoy some outdoor sports for a weekend, Alagna Valsesia may be the place for you. Visit to find the discount hotels Alagna Valsesia offers; when staying in Alagna Valsesia, cheap hotels are a great way to save money. There are a number of different hotels in Alagna Valsesia, so read up on Alagna Valsesia hotels to find the right one for you.