Hotels in Castel d'Azzano

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Castel d'Azzano Details

Castel dAzzano is a town situated in the province of Verona, in the Northern Italian region of Veneto. Being only 6 kilometers from Verona, Castel dAzzano can almost be considered part of this city and the presence of the A4 highway makes it very easy to move from one place to the other. When you are in Castel dAzzano, you cannot avoid seeing the several villas which adorn the town, such as Villa Violini, also called the Castle due to its battlements and its intimidating appearance, and Villa Cesari, which was the residency of the Abbot Antonio Cesari in the 1800s. A visit to Castel dAzzano cannot be complete without stopping by the Church of Santa Maria Annunziata; the church was first built in 1310 by the Count Dinadano Nagarola and his family maintained its right of protecting their church property until 1927. If youre looking for an interesting and unique weekend, Castel dAzzano is the right place to visit. Go on to find the discount hotels Castel dAzzano has to offer; if not in Castel dAzzano, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are a number of hotels in Castel dAzzano, so do some research before you choose your favorite among the Castel dAzzano hotels.