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    Verona is the second largest city in Veneto, Italy and it was also the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. One of the city’s most famous historic sites is the Roman Arena which dates back to the first century AD. It is also worth taking a look at the Gran Gardia Palace, which dates from 1610. If you are staying in Italy, then it is worth saving a couple of days at the weekend for sightseeing. Verona has plenty for the long or short term visitor. Verona hotels offer good food and great service, however hotels in Verona are often fully booked so it is a good idea to start looking well in advance of your trip.There aren’t many discount hotels as Verona is a popular and vibrant city, so if you are looking for cheap hotels, Verona may have a few such places but it’s best to check here at Food is good and plentiful in Verona and there are plenty of shops, even if window shopping is how you like to spend your time. Other attractions in Verona include the Arena di Verona, a 2000 year old arena built in Roman style. Opera and other musical attractions are featured here, on a stage that is the largest opera stage in the world. The Giardi Giusti is a beautiful and tranquil garden situated in the middle of Verona’s hustle and bustle where you can take a relaxing break from sightseeing.