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    The province of Viterbo is located in the central Italian region of Lazio. The capital city of the province, also called Viterbo, is known throughout the world as the City of Popes because it housed a papal Parliament in 1207; numerous conclaves, meetings held under lock and key to elect new popes, were held in the city. Viterbo is located behind the Cimini Mountains and in the vicinity of Vico and Bolsena lakes and many tourists are attracted to the area because of its natural beauty, not to mention its rich history. The presence of the church authorities for so many years has provided Viterbo with numerous ecclesiastical monuments; the most famous of these is the Palazzo dei Papi, or Palazzo of the Popes, built in the 13th century. Another important city in the province is Tuscania, located on seven hilltops; the town was very important religiously, having even been visited by Saint Francis of Assisi, until around the 16th century. Tuscania sights include the Romanesque church of Saint Peter and the Etruscan necropolis.