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Chiba Prefecture is located in the north of Japan and is located in the Greater Tokyo Area. Much of Chiba Prefecture is on the Boso Peninsula, which shields Tokyo Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Narita Airport, one of Japans biggest and busiest airports is located in Chiba, which makes this an easy area of Japan to explore. At the Narita Tourist Pavilion you can learn about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Naritasan Shinshō-ji Temple is said to date back to 800 A.D. It has a large main temple and various pagodas enclosed in a pleasant park area. To get there you can wander along the kilometer long shopping street of Omote-sandō from Narita station and browse the many souvenir shops.Naruto, on the peninsular, is famous for surfing and its strawberry farms. A fun activity is to visit one of the farms and pick your own strawberries. Chiba city is the largest city in Chiba Prefecture and is often considered a large suburb of Tokyo. LaLaport near Minami-Funabashi station is a shoppers paradise. It is claimed that this is Asias biggest mall: it has over 360 shops and just as many restaurants. has many discount hotels in Chiba to accommodate you during your stay.