Hotels in Hiroshima

    Hiroshima Details

    Hiroshima is located on Honshu, which is the biggest island in Japan. But most people are familiar with the name Hiroshima after an atomic bomb was detonated towards the end of the Second World War. But there is a spiritual side to Hiroshima that makes it a very humbling place to visit. One place you must go to is the Peace Memorial Museum, which is a shrine to peace and to living in harmony. The Museum of Art also houses some fantastic artworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art has some very up to date pieces to challenge the senses! There are also some fantastic monuments to see, some of which, like the Memorial Hall for the Bomb Victims, is very much a place for contemplation and sorts out whatever kind of hotel room you want in Hiroshima, at whatever kind of price range you have in mind. So you can find a discount or budget hotel, or one that is pretty high end: whatever you want, let sort it all out.