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          Ishikawa Details

          Ishikawa prefecture meets the Japan Sea and nestles the Japanese Alps. Kanazawa city in Ishikawa was one of the few Japanese cities that was spared during World War II and therefore retains its impressive architectural heritage. Kenrokuen Park is considered one of the three most beautiful parks in Japan. A visitor can enjoy meandering around ponds, waterfalls and flower beds laid out in distinctive Japanese style. Kanazawa also has several Edo period Geisha houses and nearby is Yougetsu Minshuku, one of the most photographed streets in the area. Kanazawa`s Myoryuji Temple is known as the ninja temple and makes a fascinating excursion. There you can see hidden passageways, escape routes and doors.In the south of Ishikawa you can visit Hakusan National Park, which contains one of Japans holy mountains. Since this mountain is an active volcano, the area contains many natural hot springs or onsen. Ishikawa is famous for its gold leaf lacquer ware, which can be seen and purchased all over the prefecture. Noto city in Ishikawa has Keta Taisha shrine with a history spanning 2100 years. Nearby is Myojoji temple, which has a 5 meter tall statue of Buddha from the 17th century which you can easily reach from your Ishikawa hotel. Ishikawa is filled with natural and cultural beauty. With you can enjoy its charms with one of the many budget hotels in this area.