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Kanagawa Prefecture is located just south of Tokyo. Kanagawa is home to Kamakura historical town. Kamakura became the capital of Japan in the 12th century under the Minamoto shogun. This coastal town has numerous temples and shrines including Hachimangu, Kamakura`s most important shrine; Kenchochi Temple, an important Zen temple and the Great Buddha of Kotokuin Temple, which stands 13.52 meters tall. Hakone in Kanagawa is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Bathed in natural beauty, this area is famous for its hot springs. Here you can soak in the steamy natural waters while taking in the sight of Mount Fuji in the distance.At Lake Ashi the visitor can enjoy peaceful hiking and water sports. You can also visit the Imperial Familys former summer palace. Yokohama is Kanagawa`s capital and the second largest city in Japan. In the 19th century, Yokohama was one of the first ports to be opened up to foreigners. At Yokohama you can visit the Minato Mirai, or harbor of the future. From the observation deck of the Landmark Tower you can see Mount Fuji. has several Kanagawa budget hotels to accommodate you as you discover the beauty of this region.