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      Kyoto is a province and the city was the old capital of Japan and it is absolutely bursting with World Heritage and cultural sites. Kiyomizu Temple is a World Heritage site and should be the first destination for travelers. Reach this stunning Buddhist temple by starting in Gion, the Geisha district, on the Kamo River, right from your Kyto hotel. Wander along the main street away from the river and you will find the most famous tea house in Japan: the Ichiriki Teahouse. Continue to the end of the street and you will see the giant red Torii gates of Yasaka Jinja shrine. Wander your way through here and then climb the winding shotengai (shopping street) up to the Kiyomizu Temple. On your way along the shopping street you can find many beautiful Japanese handicrafts.After returning to Gion from Kiyomizu Temple take any side street to your left (with the river at your back) to enjoy meandering through streets with traditional Japanese housing. You may even be lucky enough to spot a Geisha or apprentice Maiko on their way to appointments. The best time to see them is in the late afternoon. A must see tourist attraction is Kinkakuji. It is known as the golden pavilion, with good reason. It is covered in gold leaf. This beautiful temple has lovely gardens, a lake and a Zen sand garden. After sampling some of the cultural and religious sites it is time to sample some of the local cuisine. Kyoto is especially famous for its tofu. One of the best restaurants to try it is Okutan. This is one of Kyotos oldest restaurants at 350 years old. Kyoto is rich in Japanese architecture and culture. Any trip to Japan would not be complete without visiting this intriguing prefecture. has discount hotels in Kyoto waiting to offer a taste of the exotic east.