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    Petra is known as the lost city of stone and is situated less then a 2 hour drive to the north of Aqaba along the Desert Highway which is quite fascinating in its own right. The scenery is filled with rolling rock mountain ranges that keep changing color under the sun’s sparkle. Petra, the legendary lost city is carved into the walls of a desert canyon is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World! The city is surrounded by the sandstone cliffs and is filled with awe-inspiring, ancient stone monuments and buildings created over 2000 years ago.On the outskirts of the ancient city's walls is the town of the same name that is geared entirely to the tourists that come here by the thousands every year. The areas discount hotels are centrally located in and around town and offer easy access to the ancient city by camel, horse or jeep. The ever-changing feel of the Rose Red City at different times of day make it easily worth to stay a few nights or more so be sure to contact for a budget wise hotel booking. The ancient city of Petra also played a big role in the 1989 "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" movie starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.