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The city of Wadi Rum is remarkable. It is a valley cut into the sandstone and the granite rock found in the region. It is in the southwestern portion of the country and is the largest wadi in the country. Those who climb to the top of the Rum Mountain will find it to offer some of the best views throughout the region. The highest peak in Jordan is on the south portion of Rum Mountain, and it attracts trekkers from everywhere. This is just one of the reasons so many come to visit this city. If you are planning your trip, do book the cheap hotels in Wadi Rum.As one of the most important tourist destinations in Jordan, Wadi Rum sees hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Many come to climb or to take a horse safari through the region. A trip from Aqaba to Petra is common. Others come as tourists of the nearby city of Disi. The village of the city contains goat hair tents and homes made of concrete. There are some shops here, too. Visitors will find discount hotels in Wadi Rum, Jordan right here on