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When you check into a discount hotel in Madaba, Jordan, you are in the town that is known as the mosaic capital of antiquity. From the 4th century on, it was here that thousands of craftsmen learned the art of making mosaics. Modern archaeological crews have uncovered many ancient mosaics that are now on display in the Madaba Museum. One had actually been in use on the floor of a garage.

Madaba dates back to biblical times, and is rich in history. One of its prized possessions is the 6th century Madaba Map, which was discovered in 1898. It can be seen in St. Georges Greek Orthodox Church. Permission might be required for a viewing. The Church of the Apostles, now protected by a modern shelter, has mosaics that date to the year 578 AD. It also has mosaics that were originally in fine Byzantine homes. For any visitors staying in cheap hotels in Madaba, the Madaba Archaeological Park is a must-see. A flight of stairs takes you up to the circular Church of the Virgin. There you will see a beautiful 7th century geometric mosaic showing hunting and mythological scenes. Some of the black and white mosaics here are from the palace of the biblical King Herod. From nearby Mount Nebo there are spectacular views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. There is a monument marking the spot from which Moses is believed to have looked upon the Promised Land.