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Nairobi is the national capital of Kenya. It is also currently reputed to be the fourth largest city in the whole of Africa. It is actually situated on the banks of the River Nairobi itself. The city is on a high plateau, 5450ft above sea level, and this ensures a more temperate climate than the coastal areas of Kenya. Nairobi has an excellent infrastructure, with a busy international airport and good road and rail links to the other parts of the country. There is a good choice of hotel accommodation available in the city and will be able to make your cheap hotel arrangements.There is absolutely plenty to do in Nairobi. The city offers a good choice of museums. These include the Nairobi National Museum, which is home to the remains of a complete homo erectus boy. You may also like to visit the National Museum of Kenya and the Karen Blixen Museum. Kenya is most famous for its national parks and there is actually one around the capital itself. It is called the Nairobi National Park and is where you can glimpse lions, giraffes and many other indigenous animals. With so much on offer, there is plenty of choice for hotels in Nairobi.