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        Zemgale is a flat region of Lativa bordering on Lithuania. It is, as travelers soon discover when they leave their hotels in Zemgale, the smallest region in the country. Many come for the chance to visit the castle ruins or palaces such as Rundāle; others leave Zemgale hotels to absorb the history of the region by visiting the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum with over 100 18th and 19th century buildings. Whatever your preference, check with for the chance to save money on hotels. Try for Zemgale cheap hotels or discount hotels. Zemgale will then reveal its treasures.If you can, remain in the region for more than a weekend. Zemgale has beautiful castles and classic ruins. In Jelgave you can visit Jelgava Palace with 300 rooms. Once a Baroque-style Palace it now is home to the Latvian Academy of Agriculture. Along the Iecava River, you can wander through a 19th century park and, in Baldone, you can try the mineral spring waters. In Riga, on the Daugava River, you can walk the cobbled streets of the Old town and visit Powder Tower or any of the three museums housed in the Castle of Riga.