Hotels in Gulf of Riga

        Gulf of Riga Details

        Gulf of Riga is a beautiful gulf located in the country of Latvia. The Gulf of Riga is most well known for the island of Saaremaa that separates the gulf from the rest of the Baltic Sea. There is one major way out of the gulf and that is through the Irbe Strait. There is also another island located in the middle of the gulf that is known as Ruhnu Island. Riga is one of the major ports in the city.The Gulf of Riga is quite interesting because part of it lies in Latvia and part of it lies in Estonia. This makes it a common attraction between both the countries. The Gulf also has about fifty four different fish species found in the gulf and eight of them have been introduced to the gulf intentionally. The gulf is a beautiful place to visit and is quite frequently by both tourists and locals.