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        House of Blackheads can be located in Latvia in the capital city of Riga. The original building was built in 1334 but it was destroyed in 1941. However, in 1948 all of the remains of the building were removed by the Russians because it was said that the remains represented German decadence. However, the building was rebuilt in 2001 to celebrate and represent the city of Rigas 800th anniversary.Tourists who visit the building are sure to enjoy the Gothic style building with its Dutch Renaissance façade. It is important to note that when the original building was still standing, it was used to house single members of the merchants guild. Tourists who visit the House of Blackheads are definitely not going to be disappointed by the history of the building as well as the architecture. However, it is definitely a disappointment that the original structure is not still standing.

        Address: Rātslaukums 7, Rīga, Latvia

        Phone: +371 67 181 800