Hotels in Riga International Airport

        Riga International Airport Details

        The Riga International Airport is located in the capital city of Riga and in the country of Latvia. It was originally built in 1973 and since has been renovated in the year 2001. Since the renovation more and more people are using the airport as a way to get into the country of Latvia. It only makes sense that tourists visiting Latvia do so with the assistance of the Riga International Airport. It has grown so much over the past several years that in 2005 it registered that it saw almost 2 million passengers.

        More renovations have just been completed. The airport has added an entire new terminal. With this addition to the airport, it is said that the Riga International Airport can now handle upwards of ten million customers a year. This will allow more and more tourists each year to come to Latvia and enjoy the extensive cultural and architectural elements of the country.

        Address: Mārupe, LV-1053, Latvia

        Code: RIX

        Phone: +371 29 311 187