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        Ozo Golf Details

        Ozo Golf course is located just north of the city of Riga in Latvia. It is The golf course sits along the banks of the Kisezers River. It is an eighteen hole course with a par of seventy two. The course has a total of sixteen ponds and about fifty sand bunkers that the golfer must try and find their way around. It is a golf course that can challenge even the best golfer.It is important for the travelers who plan on taking in a round of golf to know that the dress code is quite strict and there are definitely standards that need to be upheld. There is a restaurant at the course as well which is rated as exceptional. Ozo Golf is definitely a great way to spend the day in Riga. It allows for not only a good game of golf but also a chance to spend some time outside and enjoy the weather as well.

        Address: Mīlgrāvja iela 16, Rīga, Latvia

        Phone: +371 67 394 399