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        Rolands Statue is located near the House of the Blackheads in the city of Riga in Latvia. However, there are actually two Rolands Statues in the city of Riga. The original that was built in 1896 was damaged during World War II and since then has been kept inside of St. Peters Church. The original stood at an incredible 21 feet tall. The statue that stands outside the House of the Blackheads was constructed as a replica.Rolands Statue is a symbol of peace, freedom, and independence, and are typically found in the town squares of German cities. The Rolands Statue in Riga can be seen at either location but, the replica found in the town square by convenience is probably the most commonly seen. The representation of peace and freedom is a great reason to draw tourists to see the site. History and architecture are definitely a common trend in the city of Riga.

        Addresses: Skāru iela 19, Rīga, Latvia; Rātslaukums 7 Rīga, Latvia