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    The town of Talsi is in the district of Talsi in Latvia. It covers the hills by Lake Talsi and Lake Vilkumuiza. Visitors in budget hotels in Talsi find it a picturesque Latvian community that is rich in history. The town dates back to at least the 10th century, and was once the heart of the Kuronian kingdom. In the 12th century it became a stronghold for the Teutonic Knights of the Sword. Over many generations Talsi has survived war, fire and plague.

    Near the center of town, by Lake Vilkumuiza, is Dzirnavkalns. This is a hill that was once the site of a Teutonic Knights stone castle. It is now a park. On Kalna Street you can see the Talsi Lutheran Church, which was built in 1567 on the site of a 15th century church. One of its ministers was Karlis Amenda, who was connected to Mozart and Beethoven. Amendas grave is not far away. Visitors should also see the History and Art Museum, which has many artifacts that were recovered from Lake Vilkumuiza. The town has a dendrological park a park of special trees. There is also an outdoor performance stage. Visitors can see an ancient Kuronian castle mound, a remnant of one of the great oak castles that once stood here.