Hotels in Tukums

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Tukums Details

Tukums is a little town in the city of Latvia that is surrounded by gorgeous gardens. Visitors to Tukums will enjoy all there is to see at the Slokenbeka Estate. This 15th century architectural gem now houses the Museum of Latvian Roads. There is a wonderfully complete harness exhibition as well as a fascinating display of the road construction machines that were once used in Latvia. Another palace, called Jaunmoku, was constructed in 190, and it is now home to a forestry exhibition. Discount hotels in Lativa are close to restaurants as well as the city center.As 41% of the land area is covered with forest, Tukums has long been a popular place for hunting. Nature lovers will enjoy the bird population that is found in Tukums. Near Lake Kaniera and Lake Engures, you will find land that is protected for the birds and other wildlife as well as the plant life. There are more than 160 different species of birds in this area, as well as 86 species of plants that are protected. Do not miss the stone bridge that joins the Abava River to the banks of the historic Tukums town of Kandava. Budget hotels in Tukums are charming, comfortable, and well within the reach of travelers who hesitate to stay in hotels that are known to be expensive.