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The town of Birstonas, Lituania was first mentioned in written history in the Teutonic Knights chronicles in 1382. It was a popular hunting ground for noblemen until the mid nineteenth century, when it became more famous as an area for spas and sanitoriums. People still choose budget hotels in Birstonas so that they can soak in the regions mineral water. In fact there are still two main sanitoriums in town: Tulpe (Tulip in English) and Versme (Spring in English).If you are not booking a cheap hotel in Birstonas for the spas, there is certainly still plenty to see. The area is encircled by pine forests, providing beautiful hiking grounds. Vytautas Hill is nearby, where the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas built his incredibly grand hunting mansion. The grounds contain two museums and a river-side promenade. There are numerous festivals in Birstonas, including the very popular Jazz festival. It is held every other year in March and attracts thousands of visitors to the town.