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    Kaunas Airport Details

    The location of the Kaunas Airport, which is on the intersection of an internationally significant system of prime European railways and roads, makes it a valuable asset to the tourism of Kaunas. Aside from the airport, you can get around in Kaunas by using the Kaunas bus station and from there go to other places like Vilnius, where there is also bus and train stations that can bring you to your Kaunas accommodation. The city even has its own international airport, which you can use to depart from the city towards another destination within or outside the country.Because of the geographic location of the Kaunas Airport, it is not only accessible when it comes to transport but it can be easily reached from the major hotels in Kaunas as well. As such, you can expect convenient travel when you fly using the airport's services. Aside from being able to handle at least 500,000 passengers annually, the airport also has eight check-in desks, two baggage claim belts, a VIP lounge, a bank, short and long term parking spaces, restaurants, cafeterias and bars as well as disabled facilities. Everyone's needs is catered in the airport, even those who need to change their babies or some first aid.

    Address: Oro uosto st. 4, Karmlava 54460, Lithuania

    Code: KUN

    Phone: +370 37 399307