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    Kaunas Castle Details

    Near Kaunas accommodations, the Kaunas Castle or the Kauno Pilis is one of the most amazing architectural attractions in Kaunas that you can find. Constructed during the 13th century, this castle is set on a location overlooking one of the numerous old settlements in the Lithuanian country. Joining the ranks of other such great monuments and attractions as the Town Hall, the Ninth Fort, the Kaunas Ghetto and the Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum, the castle has drawn in its share of the tourist crowd.Set on a hill nearby the Neris River, once a part of the defense system of the settlers in the area during the medieval period, the castle is known to be among the oldest buildings that were built using stones that have survived until this very day. Skirted by stone walls as well, the Kaunas Castle reminds visitors that it was a structure of great significance during its day. Although invaders destroyed the original castle in 1932, a better castle featuring a gunpowder artillery took its place and is what we see until now.

    Address: Pilies gatv 17, Kaunas 44275, Lithuania

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