Hotels in Kovno Ghetto

    Kovno Ghetto Details

    There are many interesting things to do in Kaunas and one of these is visiting the sites where the Jews suffered in the hands of the Nazis. Although this may seem gruesome to some, to others, this a significant activity that can lead the tourists to appreciate how people suffered in the past and it can give them a better view of life in general. Like the Ninth Fort, which is in the same city and the Soviet Bunker 1984 Survival Drama, Genocide Victims Museum and the Jewish Memorials in Vilnius, the Ghetto is among the reminders in the country of the horrible things that a great number of people went through under the cruel hands of the Nazis. The Ghetto was set up by the Nazi Germans where they held in captivity the Jews of Kaunas at the time of the Holocaust. During its peak, the Ghetto housed some 30,000 prisoners, many of whom were later delivered to extermination and concentration camps or were killed at the Ninth Fort. Of the 37,000 Jews who existed then in Kaunas and who were imprisoned by the Nazis, only 3,000 survived.

    Address: Linkuvos gatv 89, Kaunas, Lithuania