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    Ninth Fort Details

    There are a great number of monuments and attractions in Lithuania that bear witness to the hardships that the people of the country went through. While some of these like the Museum of Genocide Victims, the Soviet Bunker 1984 Survival Drama and the Jewish Memorials are found in Vilnius, the Kaunas Ghetto like the Ninth Fort are located within the city of Kaunas. The fortress was used as a concentration camp by the Germans during their occupation of the country.Constructed in the year 1882, the Ninth Fort was said to have been the site of some 80,000 deaths, most of whom were Jewish people from Lithuania and other countries across Europe. At present, as one of the enduring monuments of Kaunas, the fortress houses one of the branches of the Museum of History of Lithuania. Artifacts and documents that proved the crimes committed against the Lithuanian people and other European citizens are among the features of the museum. Just outside the fort, you will be able to see the monument that commemorates the lives lost during the occupation.

    Address: Žemaičių plentas 75, Kaunas 47435, Lithuania