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    Kaunas Zoo Details

    Now known as the Lithuanian Zoo Park, the Kaunas Zoo is definitely one of the attractions in Kaunas that can delight the entire family. Having begun small during its initial opening in July 1938, the zoo only had 40 different animals in the beginning. Started by naturalist professor, Tadas Ivanauskas, the zoo's animals quickly grew to 150 varieties by the end of the first year of its existence. As such, the zoo has joined the ranks of such other attractions in the city as the Kaunas Castle, the Ninth Fort, the Museum of the Devils and the Kaunas Cathedral. Situated in the centre of the city, the 15.9 hectare ( 39 acres) Lithuanian Zoo Park is very much accessible from most of the hotels in Kaunas. Skirted by ancient oak trees, the zoo features different kinds of fishes, mammals, insects, birds, amphibians and reptiles. There are now some 272 animal species in the zoo, the population of which has already reached over 2,800. The zoo and park features a great deal of activities for the whole family. There are donkey and pony rides for the kids as well as going up close to the tamed llamas. After a day at the zoo, you will appreciate your Kaunas accommodation that much more.

    Address: Sporto gatv 3, Kaunas 44162, Lithuania

    Opened: 1938

    Phone: +370 37 332540