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    Located in the southwest corner of Lithuania, Klaipeda was originally founded by Baltic tribes, but was enlarged and reinforced by German knights, who called the city Memel. Now, Klaipeda is an important Baltic port and Lithuanias third largest city. Klaipeda is known for its many museums, including the Clock Museum, which displays timepieces throughout the ages. Another museum, the Blacksmiths Museum of Lithuania Minor, showcases many works of traditional Lithuanian wrought iron. Meanwhile, the History Museum of Lithuania Minor offers travelers a glimpse into the countrys history and culture, housing many archeological finds.Hotels in Klaipeda allow travelers to be right in the heart of the country. When staying in Klaipeda, cheap hotels are plentiful, allowing even the unseasoned traveler to enjoy the sites for extended vacations or just the weekend. Klaipeda hotels offer a wide array of amenities to accommodate all travelers, including discount hotels. Klaipeda is readily accessible by the many hotels in Klaipeda, which are all easy to find at