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Palanga Details

Palanga is one of the oldest settlements in Lithuania. It is also a popular vacation resort. You need to book your hotel in Palanga well ahead. provides you with choices when you do so. It provides you with a choice of Palanga hotels suited to your budget. You may find yourself within walking distance of the Botanical Gardens. Take a quiet stroll in this 19th century landscape featuring over 200 species of plants. In this park setting, you can locate the Museum of Amber. This is the world’s first museum dedicated to the history of the country’s “Gold.” In here, you will be marveling at the large pieces of amber. Children will enjoy the fossilized insects and plants. You cannot help but admire the building. This neo-Classical palace is the former family residence of the Tyzkiewicz family. It has its own chapel. In front stands the statue of Christ by Danish sculptor, Thorvaldsen.You may want to return to the park after a rest in the comfort of your hotel in Palanga. The park has various famous sculptures. The most adored are Égle: Queen of the Serpents by R. Artis and Jūratè and Kastytis. You can also leave them for another time. Instead, head to the Antanas Mončys Hous Museum. This blue and white building contains several of this famous artist’s works. You can find graphics, drawings, posters and various sculptures. Feel free to touch the models. This is a stipulation of the artist’s will.