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The province of Panevžys, Lithuania is the home of the fourth largest city in Lithuania, also named Panevžys. Other important cities include Birzai, Kupiskis, and Pasvalys. More than 320,000 people live here. The earliest documentation of the province dates back to 1503. Alexander I is considered the founder of the capital city. Due to its age, it offers historical travelers a view into early 14th and 15th century life. The Art Gallery features music and literature exhibitions throughout the year. Many of those booking discount hotels in Panevžys, Lithuania do so as they attend the International Ceramics Symposia.The capital is the largest of the cities in the region and as such, it is home to many tourist attractions. Numerous theaters dot the capital city of Panevžys as well. The Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater is one known throughout Europe, as is Donatas Banionis, an actor from the region. Visitors can tour churches and view old world architecture throughout the county. Interestingly, the county's history includes many dark aspects. For example, it is home to the oldest pagans in Europe. The Old River Bed is the heart of the Panevžys and has many festivals throughout the year. Visitors can find cheap hotels in Panevžys, Lithuania throughout this region.