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    When you stay in one of the Kauna hotels near Old Town, you can easily visit the historical and archeological sites in the area. For example, you can visit the Kaunas Castle which is a 13th century brick castle built to turn back Crusaders. There are many stunning cathedrals you can tour such as the Arch-Cathedral Basilica which is the only Gothic style Lithuanian church. The Town Hall is called the “White Swan” because of its towering appearance all in white. Built in 1542, it has become a wedding chapel. In one weekend, Kauna major sites can be toured starting from one of the hotels in Kauna.The Kauna cheap hotels are only cheap in terms of price. Staying in one of the inexpensive discount hotels, Kauna treasures are easily accessible. You can walk to a local attraction, take a scenic drive through the countryside or shop the Old Town marketplace. Kauna is only 60 miles from the Lithuanian capital. You can book your hotel through