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          Vilnius District Details

          The old sector of Vilnius in the Vilnius District features red tiled roofs and colorful facades. The region introduces visitors from Vilnius District hotels to Lithuanian culture including a past when Teutonic Knights ruled. On an island, you can explore the Trakai Castle, once home to the Teutonic Knights. It is now a museum. You can leave hotels in the Vilnius District to attend the Castle’s Medieval Days or listen to concerts that are part of the Trakal Festival. Check with to locate suitable accommodation near these sights. If you are tight for money, try for Vilnius District cheap hotels. You can also stay in discount hotels. The Vilnius District can then be available for you for more than a weekend. The Vilnius District is then an affordable possibility.There are several things to see ad do in the region. Visit the Kenesa, a Karaite house of worship. This is a Jewish breakaway group. You can also visit the Europas Parkas in a remote forest outside Vilnius. It is the geographical center of the Earth and contains 90 unique sculptures by 70 world artists. In Vilnius proper, you can visit the Town Hall, home to the Lithuanian Artists’ Center or the Church of St. Peter.