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          Antakalnis Cemetery Details

          A short distance away from the Vilnius University Botanical Gardens and the Sapieha Palace, you can find the Antakalnis Cemetery. The formal cemetery of the St. Peter's and St. Paul's Church, the cemetery is also known as the burial ground of the military. As one of the attractions in Vilnius, the cemetery is also as frequented as the other attractions in the city like the Radvila Palace. The Antakalnis Cemetery is cozily ensconced with the forested part of the Antakalnis district. It is known to be the burial place of the Polish and Soviet soldiers who fought and lost their lives during Lithuania's quest for independence. There are Soviet dignitaries of the country buried in the cemetery as well. The remains of the civilians who were slain during the January 1991 demonstrations in the country as well as the murdered border guards from Medininkai on July 31, 1991 were also buried in the cemetery and guarded by a Pieta sculpture.

          Address: Karių kapų gatv 11, Vilnius 10313, Lithuania

          Phone: +370 5 234 0587