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          Gates had great importance during the medieval era because they served as part of the defenses built to protect a city from attackers. As such, one of the most significant Vilnius attractions is the Gate of Dawn, which is one of the nine gates that were part of the city's fortifications. Installed between the years 1502 and 1522, the gate can easily be accessed.The Gate of Dawn does not only serve as a great symbol of the city. It has also become a pilgrimage site that is popular among the Catholics of the eastern area of Europe. This is because of the chapel inside the gate that houses the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary. Constructed by the Carmelites in 1671, the chapel was meant for the protection of the guards of the town. Over the years, thousands of pilgrims have trooped to the Gate of Dawn. This pilgrimage is held in such esteem as other churches like the Vilnius Cathedral, the Kenessa, the Church of St. Anne and the Sts. Peter and Paul Church.

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