Hotels in Gediminas Castle

          Gediminas Castle Details

          Although only its tower is what remained of the Gediminas Castle, it is still known to be among the best monuments in Vilnius that have ever been built. Not only a state symbol of the city but of the whole of Lithuania as well, the castle was once a fortified structure that was constructed with Gothic inspiration and with the use of bricks. Set on the Gediminas hill, the castle can be easily accessed from some of the major hotels in Vilnius. As an attraction, it is held in the same esteem bestowed on other such structures in the city like the Radvila Palace, the Sapieha Palace, the Presidential Palace and the Royal Palace of Lithuania. Part of the three original towers that guarded the castle, the Gediminas Tower offers a perfect vintage point from where you can get a great view of the old town area of the city. The tower also serves as a museum now, which holds different archaeological finds from the excavations that were recently carried out on the hill. Check with your Vilnius hotel for tours.

          Address: Senamiestis, Vilnius 01143, Lithuania

          Architect: Jan Borowski