Hotels in Hill of the Three Crosses

          Hill of the Three Crosses Details

          If you have already been to the Gediminas Castle, then you will know where to find the Hill of the Three Crosses. This hill is literally teeming with three groups of crosses that were initially erected during the 17th century. The crosses were meant to commemorate the death of the seven crucified Franciscan monks, who were then cast down into the Vilnia River.Although the Hill of Crosses has survived until now, the Soviets destroyed the crosses during their regime. It was not until 1989 that they were re-established on the hill again and this time, to commemorate the freedom of the Lithuanians from the Soviet's rule. Then, the Hill of Crosses became a symbol of the national identity of the Lithuanians and of their faith. As an attraction in the city, the hill is among the ranks of other great attractions like the Gate of Dawn, the Presidential Palace, the Radvila Palace and the Museum of Genocide Victims.