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          Museum of Genocide Victims Details

          Although the past embodied by the Museum of Genocide Victims may be dark, it is still one of the museums you should visit if you are interested in the real history of Lithuania. Among the Vilnius attractions that remain as testaments of the cruelty of the Soviets on the Lithuanians, the museum was a former prison of the KGB that has been converted into a museum, which also serves as a memorial for the brave people go who fought to gain back the country's freedom. The only one of its kind, the museum, which was informally referred to as the KGB Museum features not only exhibits that document the repression that the Soviets implemented in the country but also a number of the prison cells that were used by the KGB as isolation and torture chambers. This horrifying yet interesting museum is placed in much the same league as other attractions of its kind like the Soviet Bunker 1984 Survival Drama and the Jewish Memorials that can also be found in Vilnius and the Kaunas Ghetto and Ninth Fort in Kaunas.

          Address: Aukų gatv 2, Vilnius 01113, Lithuania

          Established: 1992

          Open hours: Monday, Tuesday closed; 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

          Phone: +370 5 249 6264