Hotels in Rasos Cemetery

          Rasos Cemetery Details

          Although there are many people who don't consider cemeteries to be among the attractions in Vilnius that they should visit, the Rasos Cemetery is definitely worth a visit. The most well-known as well as the oldest cemetery in the city, the Rasos cemetery is named after the district where it is situated where you can find some good Vilnius accommodations. As an attraction, the cemetery is in the same league of importance as the Gediminas Castle, the Hills of Three Crosses, the Sapieha Palace and the Vilnius Cathedral.Separated into the old and new cemeteries that could be found along the thin Sukilliai Street strip, the Rasos Cemetery could be easily accessed from the main hotels in Vilsius. Covering a total land area of 10.8 hectares (27 acres), the cemetery only accommodates new burials to existing family graves. The first cemetery in the city that is not situated near a church, the Rasos Cemetery's first occupant was the past mayor of Vilnius, John Muller. It was believed to have been founded in 1796 and was consecrated on April 24, 1801.

          Address: Krvos gatv 5, Vilnius 11351, Lithuania