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          Royal Palace of Lithuania Details

          Although the Royal Palace of Lithuania is slated for its grand opening in 2009, there is already a great number of people who await this event with unabated breath. This is because this palace is regarded to be among the most astounding structures of its kind in Lithuania and was even the residence of the rulers of the country's Grand Duchy. Constructed in the 15th century, the palace may not be the oldest in the country, but it is still one of the worthy attractions.The atraction joins in the ranks of the other palaces in the city like the Radvila Palace, the Sapieha Palace, the Gediminas Castle and the Presidential Palace. Demolished in the year 1801, the palace was originally built as a part of the Lower Castle of Vilnius, resulting in the demolition of much older 13th and 14th century structures. It underwent expansion during the 16th century, when it was given Renaissance characteristics by Italian architects.

          Address: Senamiestis, Vilnius 01143, Lithuania

          Open hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

          Phone: +370 5 212 7476