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The District of Diekirch is situated towards the north of the small country of Luxembourg. The main town within the District is Diekirch and this lies beside the River Sauer. Diekirch is within the Oesling part of Luxembourg and this is a less populated area than Gutland, in the south. The area is well known for the fact that the Battle of the Bulge occurred within the vicinity during World War II. The countryside here, as with all of Luxembourg, is extremely picturesque. The terrain is quite hilly and there are a number of castles throughout the region. Diekirch lies to the north of Luxembourg City. Diekirch has a lot to keep its visitors entertained. Due to the areas connection with the Battle of the Bulge, it is possible to visit the National Museum of Military History here. Other museums include the Municipal Museum of Roman Mosaics, the National Museum of Historical Vehicles and the Diekirch Brewery History Museum. Whilst in the area, you should also check out the Old Church of St. Laurence.