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The town of Mondorf-les-Bains is a spa town and situated about 20 kilometers south-east of the town of Luxembourg on the French border. It is in the Grevenmacher district and has been one of the most famous spa cities of Europe. It also has the only Casino in Luxembourg. The area in and around the city is an unending luscious green with orchards and many small villages that have kept their old country charm till this day. Mondorf-les-Bains also boasts a large array of historical, cultural sights with lots of interesting and picturesque spots to discover. One of the reasons to visit the city is to take advantage of re-energizing Thermo bathing facilities fed by a mineral spring.So come and take some time to enjoy the incredible natural surroundings and discover the benefits of the spas, which were recognized as early as 1847 for their healing powers in Mondorf-les-Bains. Thermal remedies and model therapies based on the very latest techniques, adapted and personalized to the needs of patients with rheumatism, respiratory and digestive tract disorders, lymph blockage, vein problems etc. are available. All of these amenities are easily reached from the budget-wise hotels that can be set-up by the discount hotel specialists.