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    Luxembourg City, seated between the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers, is the capital of Luxembourg. Sporting picturesque vistas and a bustling economy, Luxembourg is a curious mixture of old and new world, sporting castles and ancient architecture next to train stations and modern government buildings. The Old Town, the oldest part of the city, offers beautiful views and a glimpse of Luxembourgs history. Those interested in modern Luxembourg can view the Grand Ducal Palace, which houses the Luxembourgish Parliament. The Casemates Bock, the underground fortifications that burrow under Luxembourg, offers a unique look at the martial history of the country. Hotels in Luxembourg allow travelers to be right in the heart of the country. When staying in Luxembourg, cheap hotels are plentiful, allowing even the unseasoned traveler to enjoy the sites for extended vacations or just the weekend. Luxembourg hotels offer a wide array of amenities to accommodate all travelers, including discount hotels. Luxembourg is readily accessible by the many hotels in Luxembourg, which are all easy to find at