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    National Museum of Art and History Details

    The National Museum of History and Art is located in the oldest part of the city of Luxembourg. It is located in the same location as the very popular fish market. The museum has been updated and restored through the twenty first century. The exhibits that are found in the museum are arranged in chronological order.What is so amazing about the museum and one of the main appeals is that the exhibits are so extensive that they are located over ten different floors. There has also been a new addition of underground exhibits that represent the archaeological artifacts. The museum has artifacts that include Roman, different coins, artwork, medieval collections, and much more. The National Museum of History and Art is the perfect place to spend the day to take in the history and culture of Luxembourg for tourists of any age. Those who visit the museum should be sure to dedicate plenty of time to touring the museum.

    Address: Marché-Aux-Poissons, 2345 Luxembourg

    Phone: +352 47 93 30 1

    Open hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm