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    Passerelle Viaduc Details

    Passerelle Viaduc was built in the city of Luxembourg. A viaduct is a type of bridge that is made up of several small bridges, but linked together to make one. The Passerelle Viaduc is also known as the Luxembourg Viaduct or as The Old Bridge. The bridge itself is beautiful for those tourists who are interested in seeing some incredible architecture.The history behind the bridge is that it was built over a two year span from 1859 to 1861. The reasoning behind building the bridge was to connect the city center of Luxembourg to the newly formed railway system. The bridge goes over the Petrusse Valley. So while enjoying the bridge and how it was made there are also some incredible views that can be taken in while a top the bridge as well. The tourists who take the time to enjoy the bridge and the sites that it offers are surely not to be disappointed.

    Address: av. de la Gare to Plateau du St-Esprit, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg