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    Grand Ducal Palace is located in southern Luxembourg in the city of Luxembourg. The building was first built in 1572 and was built as the town hall. The building was then renovated again in the first part of the 18th century. The Grand Ducal Palace is the residence to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. This is where most of his duties as the head of state are performed.The Grand Ducal Palace is not only the home to the Grand Duke and Duchess but also the place where the heads of state stay when they visit Luxembourg. The Palace is most definitely one of the most incredible buildings for the tourists who visit Luxembourg. The interior to the palace has been redecorated and renovated on many different occasions. It has been kept to stay modern and current instead of having a historical presence. This government building is certainly not dull.

    Address: 17 Rue du marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg

    Phone: +352 47 96 27 09