Hotels in Vardar River

Vardar River Details

The Vardar River in Macedonia divides the city of Vardar into two halves. This region, as travelers who come to stay in Vardar River hotels find out, features not only Macedonian but also Roma life styles. While you can leave your hotels in the Vardar River to explore the city of Vardar or Skopje with its Russian Communist designs, you can also taste Roma culture in the suburb of Sutka. If you wish to spend more than a weekend, the Vardar River region also contains Lake Matka for you to enjoy. This is an artificial lake just a half-hour away from Skopje. For those who wish to save money, you can find Vardar River cheap hotels or discount hotels. The Vardar River region is then affordable for a longer stay. You can then discover the steep canyon of Treška, a limestone face providing rock climbs and hiking opportunities. Check with for hotels that will help you experience the Old town of Vandar with its old Turkish Baths and ancient Sveti Spas (an underground church) and the pleasures of the entire Vardar River region.