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Skopje is an administrative division in the Republic of Macedonia; it is composed of 10 municipalities and the city proper is the capital of the Republic. Tourism in Skopje is beginning to blossom and tourists who want an interesting vacation at economical prices are choosing to visit Skopje more and more frequently. Skopje sights to see include the Church of Panteleimon, in the village of Nerezi, which was built in the 12th century and which houses some amazing frescoes. There are also the remains of a Roman aqueduct, the medieval Turkish inn, the Mustapha Pasha Mosque, and the Kale Fortress, built in the 1st century. For some great shopping in Skopje, check out the Old Skopje Bazaar, full of handicraft shops and tea rooms; this area is a favorite with tourists looking for characteristic things to do in Skopje. To examine Skopje culture and history, visit one of the many museums in the city, such as the Ethnic Museum or the City Museum of Skopje. Finally, admire the Clock Tower, the Feudal Tower and the central city squares Stone Bridge, the emblem of the city of Skopje. Attractions exist in the other municipalities of Skopje as well, so any long weekend in Skopje should include a trip out of the city proper.