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The Skopje Center is an important piece of any of the local social struggles in the city of Skopje. Oftentimes, the Skopje Center will help local citizen's causes by allowing for a safe forum for discussion, or a meeting point for grassroots political movement groups. Unfortunately, this has made the Skopje Center a target for political extremists at times. In 2003, the building was victim of a terrorist attack, when an explosion was set off in a garbage can near the building. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt and, while one wall was completely wrecked by the explosion, there has been only one incident of light injury reported and the bomb claimed not a single life and caused no permanent damage.Since the attack, security has been made relatively tighter to discourage further terrorist attempts on the building, and the minor disruption provided by the attack seems to have been a one time occurrence, with business as usual continuing at the Skopje Center.