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Skopje Fortress Details

The Skopje Fortress is just part of the fortification that is located near the capital city. Constructed in the Middle Ages sometime between the 11th century and the 12th century, the Fortress was mainly used to deter attacks by the Romans and other enemies to the region. The Fortress is a beautiful example of architecture and engineering that was popular in Macedonia during the Middle Ages and the fact that part of it is still standing is testimony to the ingenious capabilities of the builders. There is evidence of a much older fortress under the site of the Skopje Fortress telling us that the area has been popular since at least the Bronze Ages.Skopje Fortress is amazing during the night as the walls are illuminated by several strong lights creating a beacon in the black night. Exploring the remnants of the Fortress will be interesting to anyone even if they do not have an interest in archaeology. Skopje Fortress is just a small distance from the downtown area and is defiantly worth the stop.

Address: Centar, Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)