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Katlanovska Banja Details

The Katlanovska Banja is one of the most popular spas in all of Macedonia. Located minutes from the capital city, Skopje, and along the Pcinja River, this spa has been a favorite since the Roman Times. With healing properties that can only come from mineral hot springs, the Katlanovska Banja draws in visitors from all of the country as well as the world with promises of youth and longevity.Visitors to Skopje can easily reach the Katlanovska Banja and will be very pleased with their visit. The staff here are friendly and informative and the prices of the spa are affordable and sensible. The Katlanovska Banja features several spa treatments aimed at reducing wrinkles and other effects of age and stress. The feature of the spa is of course the hot springs. In fact, many residents of nearby cities travel here with bottles to take back home with them in order to have the benefits of the Katlanovska Banja within hands reach.